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A bit of info about Reader Reviewer Zile.

My name's Zile. I'm thirteen years old and a "beginner" otaku, trying to find out about as many good anime as I can. I sadly don't actually own any manga, but I'm in the process of plotting one out and drawing it. Kazaa is pretty much my saviour as far as getting anime goes (I'm too cheap to get DVDs) and my favourite anime of all-time is Hellsing. I like shoujo-ish animes, romantic comedies (like Love Hina), adore the series Aa! Megamisama!, and quite enjoy Cowboy Bebop. I love Yoko Kanno's music and also like J-pop, as typical as that sounds. My pet peeves in anime: I can't stand is characters doing things out of character and unrealistic things -- not stuff like magic, but people being too exaggerated as characters, or plots contradicting themselves.

You can contact Zile at bizzy_izzy, hotmail com.

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