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Saber Marionette J Again Anime Review

Saber Marionette J Again Box Art

Saber Marionette J Again: Plasmatic Crisis

4 stars / OVA / Comedy / 13-up

Bottom Line

A great sequel to a great series. It has a few flaws, but none bring this fabulous show down.

It’s Like...

...The average of Saber Marionette J and Saber Marione J to X.

Vital Stats

Original Title

またまたセイバーマリオネット J

Romanized Title

Mata Mata Saber Marionette J

Literal Translation

And Again, Saber Marionette J

Animation Studio


US Release By



Action Comedy

Series Type



6 30-minute episodes

Production Date

1997-11-25 - 1998-06-25

What's In It


Look For

  • Cute Robot-girls
  • Liquid-metal robots (T2, anybody?)
  • Super Powers
  • Lots and lots of fan service

Objectionable Content

  • Violence: 1 (mild)
  • Nudity: 2 (moderate)
  • Sex: 2 (moderate)
  • Language: 2 (moderate)

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Plot Synopsis

"Saber Marionette J" had viewers longing for more after the cliffhanger at the end. Hearing our prayers, this 6-episode-long OVA was released. Rather than being a full continuation of its predecessor, it is more of a bridge that connects the first TV series to the next, "J to X."

Still, this OVA is every bit as enjoyable as its predecessor, and definitely worth a watch for all the fans of the first TV series.

Reader Review


I was a bit skeptical when I first heard of the OVA. Most sequels just can't live up to the original. I decided to give this OVA a chance either way. Good thing I did, because this anime was surprisingly enjoyable.

"Saber Marionette J Again" takes off from where the TV series ended. The Marionettes are back, and once again living with Otaru, and still, Hana is his annoying neighbor. A new character is introduced, however. Marine, the new marionette, also has a maiden circuit.

The character of Marine is developed and presented well throughout the 6 episodes, but she just doesn't get enough screen time for her to develop as well as the others. The presentation is well done, but there are a few times when it falls. One episode, for example, Marine is terrified of all men. Somehow, however, this is forgotten about in later episodes.

Also, in that same episode, Lime has her own incident. For all the big romantics watching the series, this seems to be the moment you have all been waiting for. Just like Marine's incident, however, it is quickly forgotten about, as if it never happened. Besides these downfalls, the presentation is great and still remains the charm that made the TV series so great.

Presentation - 7/10 (It retains the charm of the TV series, but seems very unpredictable at times. It's a shame, otherwise, this would be as good as the original.)


The plot is fairly simple: a gigantic plasma storm is brewing that only arrives every 80,000 years. This storm has the power to destroy all of Terra 2. Once again, it is up to Otaru and his marionettes to stop this. Of course, how they ever figured out about this plasma storm that hits every 80,000 years is beyond me, considering that humans have only been roaming the planet for 300 years. I guess that's beyond the point, though.

Also, Faust has left his three marionettes to the care of Otaru. He feels that he had not done a good job raising them, so wants Otaru to teach them about everyday life, so that their maiden circuits can mature. This is a great idea, but once again we only get 6 episodes to know the three.

Besides the marionettes, there is now another character, Lorelei. Lorelei is the only living female on Terra 2, after being rescued from the Mesopotamia. However, she doesn't get much screen time.

Overall, the plot has plenty of room for improvement, but this does not at all make it a bad show. Most fans of the TV series will love this OVA, but don't expect it to be as deep and riveting as its predecessor was.

Story - 6/10 (It's good, but makes most people long for more. If only it was longer...)


Most of the music carries over from the TV series. Like in my review of "Saber Marionette J", the music is good, but could have been better. There are a few new songs, but they fit just like all the other music. It does, however, go great with the show, so it's definitely redeemable. As for the voices, they are exactly as they were in the TV series before it, which is a good thing.

Once again, the vocal songs are great and catchy. A great effort!

Sound - 7/10 (The same as the TV series. Too bad there wasn't that many new compositions.)


Absolutely stunning! The art is top-notch, and even better than the TV series. As for the animation, it is smooth and never skips a beat. The picture is clean and gives the anime a fresh look to it.

The only minor flaw is some of the computer effects. While they are mostly well done and not at all overused, some just seem out of place. This is a minor problem and does not at all subtract from the overall quality.

Visuals - 10/10 (There aren't enough words to explain how great this OVA looks. Unfortunately, though, some special effect just seem out of place.)


Overall, "Saber Marionette J Again" is a worthy sequel to a great TV series. Unlike most sequels, it retains the charm of the original, while providing the viewers with something fresh and new. As I said earlier, however, this OVA is meant to only be a bridge between "J" and "J to X" (the second TV series). While it does contain some flaws, "Saber Marionette J Again" is a great addition to any anime collection, and a must-see for all fans of the original.

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Notes and Trivia

The sequel to Saber Marionette J and prequel to Saber Marionette J to X. There is also an earlier OAV series called Saber Marionette R, but that's not directly related to the rest of the series.

US DVD Review

Bandai's DVDs include stereo Japanese, English, and Spanish audio, and English subtitles. Comes in a 2-disc set, or as part of a special-edition box set that also included Saber Marionette J and J to X.

Parental Guide

Rated 13-up by Bandai.

Violence: 1 - Fighting against robots. Some blood, if any.

Nudity: 2 - No real nudity, but there isn't much left for the imagination.

Sex/Mature Themes: 2 - Some adult humor/themes, groping, etc.

Language: 2 - Some bad words, but few and far between.


Available in North America from Bandai a trilingual 2-disc DVD set. Was also previously sold as part of a special-edition signed box set that included Saber Marionette J and J to X.

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