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Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN

4.5 stars / TV Series / Sci-fi / 13-up

Bottom Line

A future classic that explores lovers' hardships, while combating the world.

It’s Like...

...Green Legend Ran meets Last Exile.

Vital Stats

Original Title

交響詩篇エウレカセブン - Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN

Romanized Title

Koukyoushihen Eureka Sebun

Literal Translation

The Symphonic Poem Chronicle of Eureka seveN

US Release By



Mecha Romance Drama

Series Type

TV Series


50 25-minute episodes

Production Date

2005-04-17 - 2006-04-02

What's In It


Look For

Objectionable Content

  • Violence: 3 (significant)
  • Nudity: 1 (mild)
  • Sex: 1 (mild)
  • Language: 1 (mild)

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  • Eureka Seven Movie (planned)

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Plot Synopsis

In a town filled with nothing, Renton Thurston dreams of surfing the skies. Renton's dream to be like his hero, Holland, transforms into reality when a mysterious girl, named Eureka, ransacks his grandfather's garage complex. Eureka's connection with her flying LFO mechanized machine, Nirvash, interests Renton, making him experience love for the first time. Holland appears on the scene and recruits Renton to the Gekkostate. A variety of missions ensue for the Gekko gang in having to fight off the creatures known as Scub Corals. While having to dodge the military under the command of the conniving Colonel Dewey, the Gekkostate faces many hardships in learning the truth of the world they live in. Eventually, the gang becomes both baffled and engrossed in Renton and Eureka's relationship as they become aware that these two individuals are the hope for the future.

Reader Review

Eureka Seven is a science fiction romance mecha drama that tingles the heart and soul of a viewer's emotions. Studio Bones' success with Fullmetal Alchemist demonstrates their ability to tell a compelling story with intense themes and plot devices. The writers make Eureka Seven a classic through the use of Renton and Eureka's unique relationship. While the supporting characters help to distinguish the importance of the story's background and Renton's longing for Eureka, anime fans become more entangled in wanting to see more of the cute relationship that unfolds throughout the series. At first the viewer could become confused when trying to focus on Renton's emotions, while trying to keep track of the overall plot. The episode layout, for episodes 4-20, focuses on the crew's journey in maintaining their lifestyles and the harshness of reality. But the show's progression smoothes out the rough edges in the beginning once a climactic moment occurs between Renton and Eureka in the episode 25 plus range. Renton's gaze upon seeing Eureka covered in a pink substance is bewildering at first, but entices viewers to figure out why this happened. Eureka's sudden longing for Renton fills fans with joy as they see that Renton's love is no longer unrequited. The physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation of the characters exemplify the series' evolving narrative techniques that makes the show a marvel.

Holland and Dewey's connection with each other becomes an important element in understanding the history of not only the characters, but also the situation that humanity is in. Holland and Dewey's constant battling emphasizes the struggle between two different ideals that try to overpower one another through brute force. The two characters' feuding is interconnected with the Scub Corals as the creatures assert their dominance over the planet. Scub Corals convey their existence and wanting to learn more with others through communication. The show's insertion of philosophical theories and beliefs through various characters, like Master Norb, interweaves the ideas of enlightenment and spiritual transcendence through love and understanding. In my opinion, I love it when writers can incorporate underlying themes, and this show does that.

The television series visuals through the animation sequences are top-notch. The intricate details of the Nirvash, the Scub Corals, and Eureka and Renton's growth over the show reinforces the passion put into this stunning anime series. The bright and vibrant rainbow colors being illuminated by the Seven Swell effect, being unleashed by the Nirvash, is captivating. The designs of the creatures and distraught looks of characters indicate the awareness of conveying the series serious overtones that the show emits through the use of the clouds. To shift the clouds into a dark dismal rain effect to a bright happy environment reflects the mood of the scene being portrayed. The sky's major usage for a lot of scenes not only serves as the setting, but invokes the feeling of hope, clearness, and prosperity.

The English dub for the show is spectacular. Voice acting veterans young and old collaborate on the project, making the series a masterpiece through their superior techniques of incorporating their own emotions to the character on the screen. Bandai Entertainment's choice to go with Bang Zoom Entertainment for the dubbing reflects the company's care for the shows that they release.

Music wise, the show emphasizes on cuing in on the dramatic moments with orchestral instruments that yanks at the viewers' hearts. The show's usage of multiple opening and ending themes demonstrates the change and development of the characters and the show's story.

Eureka Seven capitalizes on the storytelling and conveying important themes through the relationship of Renton and Eureka. To narrate a story and centralize on two characters can be a risk. But the show executes the plan stylishly through the character development that the two young adolescents experience as they become closer. The inclusion of three younger children, acting as Renton and Eureka's kids, represents the family dynamic that evokes the maturity and homeliness of the protagonists. The fifty episode series relays the importance of communication and connectivity between two races that can end conflicts by just listening to one another. With a movie released in Japan, which recaps on the show's finer points, the journey to soar into the sky and become both apart of the world and a hero is a dream that everyone wants to have.

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Notes and Trivia

The Japanese title can be interpreted two ways: If you read it as "Koukyoushi-hen," the "koukyoushi" refers to symphonic poems, a genre of orchestral music intended to accompany an external story of some sort. The "hen" tacked onto the end marks it as a book or compiled volume.

Alternately, you could read it as "Koukyou Shihen"; since the original English alternate title is "Psalms of Planets" that may be the intention. In that case it would, translated literally, mean either "Reverberating Psalms" or "Book of collected poetry of reverberation" (though given that "Kokyou" is part of the word for symphony, "reverberation" probably implies "music").

It's also not obvious from the way it's written, but the "Eureka" in the original title is directly transliterated from Japanese, pronounced as "eh-oo-re-kah."

US DVD Review

Two artboxes and twelve DVDs comprise this review. Each DVD consisted of the standard menu options, such as trailers and language setup. Nothing too special.

Parental Guide

About 13-up.

Violence: 3 - Mecha LFO killing other pilots and an arm falls out of the machine. Scub coral monsters destroying people in cities. But it does not appear that often.

Nudity: 1 - A character named Talho wears a tank top and short shorts. That's about it.

Sex/Mature Themes: 1 - Nothing to note.

Language: 1 - Nothing to note.


Available in North America from Bandai on 12 bilingual DVDs, each alone or in a special edition bundled with various extras--artboxes, soundtrack CDs, manga, t-shirts, etc.

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