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Editorials Index

A random collection of stuff we've written about.

  • A Case for Subs - A historic view of why sub fans remained sub fans in the face of expensive, harder-to-find VHS tapes.
  • Defining "Anime" - What is it that makes anime anime, and does it have anything to do with being Japanese?
  • In Defense of Dubs - A defense of dubbed anime from back in the days when people actually cared about those arguments.
  • Indie Production Menthods 2003 - An indie anime production techniques overview, 2003.
  • Indie Overview 2003 - What the indie anime scene looked like in 2003.
  • Brian Hinnant on Dubbing - Some questions on the dubbing process we though would be interesting to anime fans.
  • Japanward, Ho! - A report on random observations from my first visit to Japan, way back in Y2K.
  • What Happened to Marc - A lengthy blow-by-blow of the perfect storm of illness and bad luck that nearly killed me.
  • Anime and Feminism - An early AAW editorial attempting to reconcile the contradiction of feminist undercurrents and misogynistic stereotypes common in anime.
  • The Changing Fanweb - Some historical perspective on what happened to the anime scene on the web shortly after the dot com crash.