Akemi's Anime World

Photography Index

Assorted photography of Japan and Japanese stuff.

  • Anime Stuff in Real Life - Photos of things you've probably seen in anime, in the flesh (so to speak).
  • Arty Stuff 2004 - Assorted arty photos of small town life in Japan.
  • Atami 2002 - Some pictures I took on a trip to Atami in 2002.
  • Japanese Food - Various interesting and/or attractive and/or weird things I've eaten in Japan.
  • Kamakura 2002 - Photography of historic Kamakura and nearby Enoshima.
  • Japanese Oddities - Random and amusing things photographed around Japan.
  • Y2K And Earlier - A selection of the most interesting photos I took on early trips to Japan, around 2000.
  • Traditional Events, 2005 - Photos of three traditional winter events celebrated in the Yamanashi region.