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Buy stuff with AAW logos, Kanji, and random text.

Not new, not cool, and defenitely not a worthwhile way to spend your money -- it's the Cheesy AAW Goods Store! If you do decide to get some stuff here, you can rest assured that it looks pretty good (everything is through CafePress, but we got samples to make sure before we started trying to sell it to you), and that your purchase kicks a bit of cash toward the "Help Pay for the AAW Upkeep Fund" as well as helps out our own starving artist.

Akemi Logo Stuff

Assorted pieces of clothing and goodies with the AAW logo and Akemi on them. Nice looking--it's what I wear.

Simple Logo Stuff

Assorted things with the simple AAW logo. Classy.

Lineart Stuff

A few items featuring a black and white lines-only version of the Akemi Logo. Stylish and cool.

Stupid Japanese Text Stuff

Yeah, everybody thinks stuff with Japanese writing on it is cool, so we might as well sell you some that actually says something. Akemi Approved Text Guaranteed!

Stupid English Text Stuff

Get your very own "I'm an anime fan... what's your problem?" T-shirt!