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Angel Cop Anime Review

Angel Cop Box Art

Angel Cop

4 stars / OVA / Action / 16-up

Bottom Line

An excellent and enjoyable movie.

It’s Like...

...AD Police Files with a dash of AKIRA and a side of 24 on 'roid rage.

Second Opinion

Angel Cop is one of the best OVA animes I've seen, in terms of the amount of enjoyment I got out of it. The plot is decent, the voice acting on the Dub is superb, the action is well-paced, and the animation can hold it's own.

This movie is certainly R-rated. Don't watch this movie unless you are prepared to see some bad stuff. Not anything too visually unsettling mind you, but morality is lacking. The good guys aren't people you want to mess with. They have a licence to kill... and use it. The interrogation scene may be found disturbing.

However, the good guys are not doing this cause they're evil. It is because they're TOUGH. If you can realize this, the movie is great. The good guys are very likable if you can reason out that what they do to the terrorists they do cause they are dealing with scumbags. The OAV has a very interesting plot course, not only do we have the "evil government" plot but also an "AKIRA" and "Robocop" twist to it. If only there was a little less foul language. (there is swearing almost every 3 or 4 lines)

Overall the movie is excellent, and most of all enjoyable. The given review statements about bad morales shown in this movie are highly exaggerated. After all, it is just a movie, and if your country was be terrorized by evil villains wouldn't you want some BAD-@$$ heroes dealing with them?