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Learn to draw anime the AAW way.

The Furry Tachihohe

Tachihohe has no internet access at his studio high in the Rocky Mountains, so he must send his drawing lessons via carrier pidgeon--hence the frequently long intervals between new lessons.

If you're an anime fan, and you're interested in learning how to draw like those artists we love so much, you're not alone. No one can magically give you the skills you need to draw, but at least we can give you some pointers. We have some basic tutorials on anime (or manga) style art from two different artists; work through both and see what works for you!

Tachihohe's Lessons

Tachihohe, AAW's resident artist, has put together some simple pointers, with a basic introduction to faces and bodies.

Animagess' Lessons

Animagess has volunteered additional lessons, starting with a detailed tutorial on faces. Let her know what you think, and you may see more from her.