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Fatal Fury Franchise Overview

The fighting-game-spawned anime trilogy hiding in the shadow of Street Fighter.


The Fatal Fury anime trilogy is a mix of street fighting action, tragic romance, and high adventure. It was based on the similarly-named series of classic fighting games from SNK, always in the shadow of the Big One of fighting game franchises but with a solid fan following nonetheless.

The Story

Fatal Fury follows the martial artist Terry Bogard, his brother Andy, and a few of their friends. After witnessing the death of their father at a young age, Terry travels the world to hone his skills as a fighter, and eventually returns to learn a powerful fighting technique unique to their lineage. Through the two OVAs and the Movie the brothers seek to avenge their father's death, Terry works to establish himself as the strongest fighter in the world, and they even team up to stop ancient powers from bringing destruction upon the modern world.

It's worth noting that The Motion Picture is more an adventure movie than the two somewhat more traditional martial arts action OVAs, and the story is written in such a way that it can be followed whether you're already familiar with the characters or not. As such, the movie should have relatively broad appeal, while the OVAs are much more genre-specific, and story-wise offer more for fans of the games.

The Continuity

The series is loosely based on the Fatal Fury ("Garou Densetsu" - "Legend of the Hungry Wolf") series of video games from SNK, and there is some character crossover with the Art of Fighting and King of Fighters series, as well. These games actually have something of an ongoing plot, with character developments carried from one game to the next.

While the two OVAs match up roughly with the storyline of the games Fatal Fury and Fatal Fury 2, repsectively, the anime trilogy is considered to exist in its own continuity, seperate from the games. The movie has very little to do with any of the games, both in general feel and in the specifics of the plot.

The anime trilogy is consistent in its own continuity, however; the story starts with Legend of the Hungry Wolf, which is followed (both in original release and chronologically within the story) by The New Battle, and the story is effectively concluded by The Motion Picture (though there is room for another sequel, even if it's unlikely that will ever happen).

The Characters

Terry Bogard

A kind and extremely skilled fighter haunted by demons from his past and the tragedy that befalls the women he loves.

Andy Bogard

Terry's brother and a fighter of almost equal skill, though his training has not been as intense as Terry's, nor is his psyche so haunted by failures and loss.

Joe Higashi

A confident kickboxer and friend of Andy's.

Mai Shiranui

A spunky and somewhat underdressed martial artist, she's also Andy's girlfriend.

Master Jubei

Terry and Andy's old, wise, and slightly lecherous trainer. Terry has learned what he needs to know, but Andy is still working to improve his skills.

Wolfgang Krauser

A merciless nobleman whose only goal is to prove himself the strongest fighter in the world. He will do anything it takes to further that goal.

Geese Howard

A powerful and ruthless crime lord, who organizes corrupt fighting tournaments and is an acomplished fighter himself. He also has a skilled bodyguard, Billy Kane.