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Celebrity Home Entertainment Anime Company

A bit of info about Celebrity Home Entertainment.

Company Overview

Celebrity Home Entertainment was a low-budget home video company that, in addition to a range of US-produced direct-to-video titles (animated and live action), licensed and translated several anime TV series and a couple of movies under their "Just For Kids" label (not to be confused with 4Kids, an unrelated, though similar, company). Their dub-only releases were famous for heavy editing and extreme plot changes, not to mention bargain-basement production values. Celebrity declared bankruptcy in 1991, though the Just For Kids label continued operation until 1995.

Their Catalog

They licensed and butchered a number of shows, most notably Macross: Do You Remember Love? as "Macross in Clash of the Bionoids" and a version of Space Warrior Baldios.

What Their Releases Are Like

Celebrity/Just For Kids only released dubbed, heavily edited VHS tapes, and even those were often limited to a random selection of episodes.