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Go Fish Pictures (DreamWorks) Anime Company

A bit of info about Go Fish Pictures (DreamWorks).

Company Overview

Go Fish Pictures is a tiny subsidiary of the large studio DreamWorks Pictures (now a separate entity from DreamWorks Animation, the Shrek studio). It was created to distribute specialty films, starting with Millenium Actress. They currently only have four films licensed, two of which are anime.

Their Catalog

Go Fish Pictures only has two anime titles under license: Millenium Actress and Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence. They also have Casshern, the live-action movie based on the anime series.

What Their Releases Are Like

Go Fish/DreamWorks' DVD and Blu-ray releases are solid big-studio-style productions. Millenium Actress was on subtitled-only DVD (no dub was ever produced, and so far no BD either), while Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence did have a dub produced, and a Blu-ray release in addition to the earlier DVD. Both films were also shown in limited release at art-house theaters across the US.