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Fox Anime Company

A bit of info about Fox.

Company Overview

The huge media conglomerate Fox has only dabbled in anime a couple of times. Most prominent was the Fox Kids division, which licensed a few mainstream anime shows for broadcast as part of their children's programming package. That division was shut down in 2002, with the separate company 4KidsTV taking over for it. Fox also licensed the indie web production Broken Saints for release on DVD under their generic home video label.

Their Catalog

Fox Kids licensed and broadcast several shows targeted at children, most notably several Pokespawn shows: Digimon, Medabots, and Monster Rancher.

Fox proper's sole anime(-ish) license is, thus far, the indie Broken Saints series.

What Their Releases Are Like

The various Fox Kids shows were primarily licensed and dubbed for broadcast, and several never saw release on video at all. Those that did were usually dub-only affairs without much in the way of quality or extras.

The Broken Saints box set is a polished, high-quality piece of work well-suited to the heavily artistic production--the treatment of the indie-web-series-gone-bigtime was better than many professional anime series.