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Hirameki International Group Anime Company

A bit of info about Hirameki International Group.

Company Overview

Hirameki International was a small company that mainly translated visual novels under the "AnimePlay" moniker, both PC-based and those that worked in a regular DVD player. They briefly dabbled in "normal" anime DVDs, but only produced a couple of discs. They also had a physical store in the Los Angeles area, specializing in imported anime merchandise. The company folded at the beginning of 2008.

Hirameki International has since resurrected itself as a reseller of Japanese game console accessories.

Their Catalog

While Hirameki's visual novel catalog included a few relatively well-known names, particularly Ai Yori Aoshi, they only released two anime DVDs, the erotic majong-based Idol Fighter Su-Chi-Pai, and the first three volumes of the kids' adventure show Soar High! Isami.

What Their Releases Are Like

Hirameki's couple of DVD releases were funky, to put it charitably. All had decent video and full English and Japanese audio tracks (somewhat impressive given that Isami is a kids' series), but the subtitles ranged from sloppy to downright weird--left-justified and in a monospaced font. Unique, if not in the good way, but I'll give them a B for effort. Sadly, they gave up on Isami after only three discs, so the series remains mostly untranslated.