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Pseudomé Studio Anime Company

A bit of info about Pseudomé Studio.

Company Overview

Pseudomé Studio is an indie anime studio founded by two Americans, Mike Schwark and Ron Kaulfersch, initially to produce and sell their self-made OAV, II. While only the introductory episode of the theoretically epic series ended up making it to video tape before technology and limited time pushed them in other directions, even that was an impressive achievement. There were also plans for another anime project, Mehka, that didn't end up going past the early production stages.

In subsequent years they did a couple of episodes of a variety show, The Show, and a large-scale, high-quality fantasy parody comic series, Van Von Hunter. VVH became their focus, eventually seeing three books published through TokyoPop. The team was involved with other indie manga projects with TokyoPop as well, but currently there hasn't been any public action on any of their projects since 2006.

Pseudomé has produced finished works using 3D computer animation, hand-drawn comic art, plus a handful of brief hand-animated shorts.

Their Catalog

They completed II: Prologue, a 3D computer-animated, anime-style OAV episode. On the non-anime front they did a couple of interview/animated short episodes of the variety show The Show, plus three published volumes of the comic series Van Von Hunter.

What Their Releases Are Like

II: Prologue was sold on English-language VHS for a while after it was completed. The production quality of the tapes were professional. Neither it nor their other projects are currently available online or through any other legit channel, although there are a couple of video clips still to be found on their website.