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Fairy Dreaming Song Lyrics

You can also download a plain text file of the lyrics.

JapaneseRomanizedEnglish Translation
"I want you and love you, fairy dreamin'" "I want you and love you, fairy dreamin'" "I want you and love you, fairy dreaming."
眠れぬ夜 星を数え
Nemurenu yoru hoshi wo kazoe
Mou ichido dake anata wo yobu
On nights I can't sleep I count stars,
And I call out to you just once more.
Zawameku machi ni kirameku
Maboroshi nichi no you na "midnight"
"Midnight," like a phantom of blood,
Twinkles at a noisy town.
"here really"言えなかった
"here really" ienakatta
Taisetsuna chiisana uso
"Here really" I could not tell
A cherished little lie.
もう二度と夢は もう
Hitoyo no yume itoshii hito yo
Mou nidoto yume wa mou
Toki wo tomeru chikara nai no ni
Dream of one night, my beloved.
The dream will never again
Have the power to stop time.
"I love you fairy dreamin'"
Ima wo wasurenaide itai
"I love you fairy dreamin'"
I don't want to forget this moment.
"I love you fairy dreaming."
ああ 夢を見せて最後の夢を
"I love you so"
Ahh yume wo misete saigo no yume wo
Amai hakuya no maboroshi demo ima dake
"I love you so"
Oh show me that dream, that final dream,
Even the sweet vision of a sunlit night, just now
"I love you so."
Ano hi kara dakishimeteta
Taisetsu na chiisana uso
A cherished little lie
That I've been holding since that day.
今なら伝えられる さよなら
"I love you fairy dreamin'"
Ima nara tsutaerareru sayonara
"I love you fairy dreamin'"
I can say good-bye if it's now.
"I love you fairy dreaming."


While it sounds to me like the line is "Fairy Dreaming," according to the lyrics it's supposed to be "Fairy dreamin'." The title is also sometimes listed as Fairy Dreamin', but the singer used "Fairy Dreaming" on her own blog, so I'm sticking with that.

Speaking of the singer, this was a very early song by indie rock singer-songwriter Sayuri Shimizu (J), who has since produced a couple of albums and is still active as of 2010.