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July 2010! Anime Challenge

The now-ended July 2010 challenge!

July 2010 Challenge: Make Us Look Bad

Find stuff we screwed up. Seriously--you find a mistake anywhere on AAW's newly revised site, you tell us about it, you get an entry.

Now, "screwed up" in this context counts as anything wrong--language, content, technical mistakes, and more. This includes, at minimum, all of the following (and no, the examples below don't count):

  • Typos ("5enchi")
  • Grammar errors ("That were wrong.")
  • Spelling mistakes ("teh")
  • Punctuation mistakes ("this is you're car")
  • Factual errors ("Hayao Miyazaki has an evil twin")
  • Broken Links
  • Invalid HTML5 (Advertising code, such as that from Amazon, does not count)
  • Any other actual mistake, however obvious or arcane--grammar nazis and perfectionist geeks take note (if you can convince us it's a mistake, anything counts)

Things that are not screwed up, for purposes of this contest, include:

  • Matters of opinion (no, thinking Popotan sucks is not a mistake)
  • Things looking weird or not working in crappy web browsers (although you're welcome to complain anyway, if you're still using Internet Explorer 5 we're not giving you any prizes)

Now, the particularly fun part (for us, because we're trying to crowd-source you here) is that the more screwups you find, the better your chances of winning. In fact, we're giving away three prizes this time around: One prize goes to the person who finds the most mistakes over the period of the contest (so keep looking!), one prize goes to a different person selected at random from everyone else who entered (so even if you only enter once, it's still worth it to try!), and one prize goes to the person who finds the best mistake (the definition of "best" is entirely up to us, and will depend on the entries we get). Of course, if only one person enters, then they get all three prizes. Participation in these things is notoriously low (because we never make mistakes... hah!), so who knows, you might just win yourself three anime DVDs if you're the only person who bothered entering!

So, here's how you enter:

  1. You notice something wrong, anywhere on AnimeWorld.com.
  2. You hop on over to the contact form, select "Contest Entry" as the type of message, and tell us exactly what you found, along with an accurate email address and your name.
  3. Prove you're human by filling out the captcha, and submit.
  4. You can also email us with the subject "FIWAJC Entry", but if your message gets spam filtered it doesn't count.
  5. If you find more errors while the contest is still underway, just enter again using the same name and email address (otherwise you won't be in the running for the "most errors found" prize).
  6. Wait and see if you won!

Entries may be submitted until the stroke of midnight, Pacific Time, on August 1, 2010 (that's the end of July, basically). Entries will be tallied and winners selected as soon as we get our act together, which may take a few days if we get a lot of entries. If you win, we'll email you for your prize preference and mailing address.

Incidentally, while we're too scared of breaking laws to let people not in the US or Canada win anything, you can still enter if you're feeling nice and want to help us stamp out mistakes (please note that you're not eligible in your submission, though). If we get any non-North-American entries, an honorable mention will go to the person from elsewhere who submitted the most and best errors.

Good luck, and happy hunting!

Assorted fine-print details

The criteria for an entry and number allowed per person will be announced along with the Challenge. Entries must be sent using the web form on this page, and must be submitted before the Challenge deadline; we are not responsible for entries that are lost or misdirected for some reason. Challenge is open to human beings and any other sentient species capable of typing coherently in English, aged 13 or older, living in the United States or Canada, unless prohibited by law where you live; if you are legally a minor (generally under the age of 18, may vary by species or jurisdiction), you must have the written permission of a parent or guardian to enter--we'll ask for it if you win. The information we collect for this Challenge will not be retained after the winner has been selected--it will never be sold or given to anybody. Prizes have no functional monetary value--that's why it's Akemi's Junk, after all--but if there are some sort of taxes or fees that your area requires you to pay, they're your responsibility, not ours. We attempt to contact the selected winner, but if we can't get ahold of him, her, or it within one week of the end of the contest, we will select another winner. If that winner can't be reached within another week, we'll try again. If that winner can't be reached within a week, then it's sort of ridiculous, so nobody wins. This contest is considered to be just for fun--if you enter, you're agreeing not to sue us regardless of what happens. Results will be posted on this site, linked from this page. We can't afford to have a lawyer write this stuff, so seriously, please don't sue us. It would make Akemi sad and almost certainly result in some sort of Karmic penalty in your next life.