Akemi's Anime World

Y2K And Earlier Photo Gallery

A selection of the most interesting photos I took on early trips to Japan, around 2000.

Some of these were even taken with a film camera, which was kind of the only option back in the day.

You can navigate in the zoomed images with the left and right arrow keys, or clicking the left or right half of the image. Hit escape or click anywhere off the image to get out of the show.

  • Bicycle Parking Prohibited
  • The Colonel
  • Lobster Claw... Game
  • Akira 2nd?
  • Anime Fan in Heaven
  • Easy Cooking
  • Wicked-cool Scooter
  • DSL Ladies
  • Curtis
  • Tanabata Tree
  • Terraced Rice Fields
  • Most Tasteless Ashtrays In History
  • Powerpuff Recycling