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Kamakura 2002 Photo Gallery

Photography of historic Kamakura and nearby Enoshima.

These pictures were taken on our nominal honeymoon, a 2002 trip to the Kamakura area on the coast south of Tokyo.

Though famous for an abundance of historic architecture, anime fans might be more likely to recognize Kamakura from the opening episode of Vision of Escaflowne; the shoujo series Sweet Blue Flowers is also set there.

You can navigate in the zoomed images with the left and right arrow keys, or clicking the left or right half of the image. Hit escape or click anywhere off the image to get out of the show.


Enoshima is the name of a small island (connected to the mainland by a spit) and the nearby town known for its historical temples, as well as a natural sea cave created by earthquakes.


Kamakura is a small city in the same area (slightly inland) that is famous in Japan for its dozens of ancient Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, many dating back over 500 years. Founded by Minamoto no Yoritomo, it was the capital during the Kamakura period (roughly 1200-1330), and is on par with Kyoto in its number of ancient buildings.


Because I find food interesting, I always take pictures before I eat. Here are a few of the more interesting things I ran across on this trip.