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Kindess is Like the Falling Rain Song Lyrics

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JapaneseRomanizedEnglish Translation
ずっと前に 知っていた記憶
まどろんだ 歌のような
かすかに 流れる 湧き水を 飲みほして
Zutto mae ni shitteita kioku
Madoronda uta no you na
Kasuka ni nagareru wakimizu wo nomihoshite
Sora wo mite goran yo
A memory I've known since long ago
Like a song heard as you nod off
Drink up the trickling spring water
And look at the sky
遠い空を 旅してゆく夢
憧れは 熱い 祈り
あなたは 後ろを 振り向きもしないまま
駆け出すけれども ああ いいの
Toui sora wo tabishite yuku yume
Akogare wa atsui inori
Anata wa ushiro wo furimuki mo shinaimama
Kakedasu keredomo aa iino
A dream of traveling to the distant sky
Admiration is a heartfelt prayer
Without so much as a look back,
You start running, but ahh, it's alright
想いは 降りそそぐ 雨のように
生命を 潤して 輝くわ
Omoi wa furisosogu ame no you ni
Inochi wo uruoshite kagayaku wa
Thoughts1, like falling rain
Revitalize your parched2 life and make it sparkle
どんなに 離れても 目を閉じれば
私は いつだって すぐそばに
Donnani hanaretemo me wo tojireba
Watashi wa itsudatte sugu soba ni
No matter how far apart we are, if you close your eyes
I will always be right beside you
悪い夢に うなされる 夜は
夜明けまで そばに いるわ
かすかに 震えた 強がりの その背中
そっと 包みたいの
Warui yume ni unasareru yoru wa
Yoake made soba ni iru wa
Kasuka ni furueta tsuyogari no sono senaka
Sotto tsutsumitai no
At night when nightmares make you call out,
I will be at your side until dawn
That back, hiding your weakness, is shivering faintly3
I want to gently wrap it in my arms
つらい夜を 超えてゆくたびに
その瞳 深くなるわ
あなたの 心の かくしてる 傷あとを
わかって いるから ああ 今は
Tsurai yoru wo koete yukutabi ni
Sono hitomi fukaku naru wa
Anata no kokoro no kakushiteiru kizu ato wo
Wakatteiru kara ah ima wa
Every time you overcome a painful night
Your eyes become deep
Because I know the scar you hide in your heart
Ahh... right now
想いは やわらかな 雨のように
生命を 癒しては 消えてゆく
Omoi wa yawarakana ame no you ni
Inochi wo iyashite wa kieteyuku
Thoughts1 are like soft rain
That disappears after healing life
いつも 胸の奥 流れながら
記憶に まぎれこむ 歌のように
Itsudemo mune no oku nagarenagara
Kioku ni magirekomu uta no you ni
Always flowing deep in your heart
Like a song lost among memories
想いは 降りそそぐ 雨のように
生命を 潤して輝くから
Omoi wa furisosogu ame no you ni
Inochi wo uruoshite kagayaku kara
Because thoughts1, like falling rain,
Revitalize your parched life and make it sparkle


AAW previously had this song identified as "Tears and Rain"; this was wrong. Tears and Rain is the title of the English version of the song done for Pioneer's dub (their dubs from that era had English versions of most songs); it has significantly different lyrics.

1: The word used repeatedly is "omoi," but it can mean several different things. Most common is "thoughts," but "hopes," "kind wishes," or a number of similar things are also quite possible. There are even two different kanji (想い and 思い), and at least some versions of the lyrics I've seen actually switch back and forth between them. I'm really not sure which meaning was intended, so I just went with the most generic "thoughts."

2: The word used literally just means "moistening," but the implication is more like "rejuvenating of something dried out," so I added the "parched" to capture that. "Your" also isn't specified, but it seems pretty clear that she's talking about whoever she's singing about.

3: This is Akemi's footnote--she spent half an hour trying to hash out this single line, and this is about as clear an English translation as we could agree on. The gist of it is that the person's back (in general, not just now) tries to look strong, but is actually hiding weakness ("tsuyogari"), and right now it is shivering faintly, which isn't necessarily directly related to the trying to look strong.