Akemi's Anime World

Akemi Staff Bio

A bit of info about AAW staff member Akemi.

AAW Translator / Cultural Consultant / Co-Owner

Akemi is the real Akemi, though of course the site's animated mascot is based on her. She's been watching anime since Mazinger Z was on TV and probably knows more about Dragon Ball Z than you do, but call her an anime fan and she'll give you a look that would turn the interior of a McDonald's apple pie to ice.

Back in the day she used to watch Rose of Versailles, Dragon Ball, Fist of the North Star, Gatchaman, and Aim For the Ace on TV, and more recently likes Tenchi Muyo, Mezon Ikkoku, Heidi: Girl of the Alps, Tokyo Godfathers, and the manga One Pound Gospel.

Akemi is native Japanese, married to Marc, and currently splits her time between the US and the mountains of central Japan. She supplies cultural notes, background research, and language information for AAW's reviews, and assists with our song lyric translations.