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Arcane Staff Bio

A bit of info about AAW staff member Arcane.

ARCANE AZMADI has been writing reviews for Akemi's Anime World ever since the reader review system was first introduced, and has well over a dozen reviews to his name. A mysterious and shadowy figure, Arcane makes no attempts to deny that he is an otaku--in fact, it's something he insists on! Also an avid gamer, Arcane can often be found hanging around the Animeworld Forums, and is one of the leading members of Dizzy Samurai Studios, an AMV group. Arcane would produce many more reviews if a) his personal standards weren't so high and b) he spent less time actually WATCHING anime and did some work.

For those who are interested, Arcane Azmadi lives in Australia and was 21 when he was writing for us. He recently left the University of New South Wales to study video editing as a career.

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