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A bit of info about AAW staff member Chainclaw.

I've been into anime ever since I was a teenager. I became an anime fan the same way I got into a lot of significant things in my life: By total accident as a result of random chance. It was back in '96 or '97, I think, when I just happened to be flipping through the channels at 3am when I came across an anime series on the Sci Fi Channel called "Iria: Zeiram The Animation," and wouldn't you know, it just happened to be the best animated short series I've ever seen (I still consider it so to this day, over a decade later). I was so impressed that I had to tune in at the same time for the conclusion of the show and the anime that would follow. The next one just happend to be Dominion Tank Police, another anime masterpiece. Then came Record of Lodoss war, followed by Fatal Fury. The hits just kept coming. Finally, watching them at ungodly hours of the day once a week was insufficient, so I started renting them on a regular basis, and once I joined the Navy after high school and got some decent income, I ended up purchasing a sizable anime collection.

AAW was the first website I found while looking for anime info, and I've been writing reviews here for just under a decade now. At first it was just something to pass the time on my long navy deployments, as well as my way of making up for lost money spent on anime I ended up hating. But after a while I've really gotten into it, and now I find myself writing reviews on just about every anime I watch if it's not on AAW already, and in a few cases even when it is if I strongly disagree with the first one. I generally prefer dubbed anime, though I have no problem watching subbed anime if that's the only version. I don't have any major preference for types of anime, though I suppose I tend to go after shows with a lot of action and epic events in amazing places, which thankfully there are no shortage of in the anime universe. I'm sure they will keep me watching and writing for many years to come.

You can contact Chainclaw at chainclaw@animeworld.com.

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