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I'm an Aussie who grew up with Astroboy, but wasn't truly drawn into anime until Evangelion aired on Australian free-to-air TV a few years ago. The absymal state of available anime titles in Australia meant that I didn't see all the great series and movies until my exchange program to Japan began in March 2001. I have an intense dislike of violence (animated or otherwise) only matched by my championing of fan-service and free sexual content, and have been known to laugh heartily at the ridiculously harsh censoring of sexual material I have heard goes on in America. Ahahahaha. My fave titles include Evangelion, Escaflowne, Giant Robo: The Day The Earth Stood Still (more people need to see this) and Cowboy Bebop. I also happen to consider Ghibli films the finest examples of animated art anywhere with Laputa as my all-time favourite, but that's hardly a novel viewpoint now is it?

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