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Well, my name's Nick, and im a 12 year old boy who lives in Iowa. I like to watch all different types of Anime. My collection so far consists of Akira ( I GOT IT SUBTITLED!!!), some old BEST films, Galaxy Fraulein Yuna, 2 Nadesico tapes, Armitage movie, Venus wars, Roujin Z, and the Blade of Kamui (im going to get the subtitled verision sooner or later. My goals in life are to graduate from highschool, get a Masters in Civil Engineering and Mathematics, and then become a Civil Engineer. I live in a 5 person family (including Mom and Dad) with 3 dogs (2 germen shepherds and a yellow lab). I started watching anime i'd say about 2 years ago. You can thank my cousin John for for making me an anime fan. I suppose their isn't anything else there is to know about me. If you have AOL or AIM or anytype of Instant Messanger, my screenname is pOpKoRn29121 and my e-mail address is grlcrzy123, hotmail com.

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