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Aniplex of America Anime Company

A bit of info about Aniplex of America.

Company Overview

Aniplex of America is a relatively young branch of the Japanese company, and has thus far brought relatively Japanese-style releases to the North American market.

Their Catalog

Aniplex's catalog consists of a combination of hot new otaku-centric shows like Oreimo and limited Blu-ray releases of titles being distributed by other companies on DVD.

What Their Releases Are Like

Aniplex's releases have been a mix of relatively expensive, relatively fancy limited-edition DVD box sets, and extremely expensive, relatively fancy blu-ray limited-edition box sets. The latter are often nearly identical to the Japanese releases--which is to say quite slick, often with unusual packaging--but while somewhat cheaper than the equivalent Japanese releases, they're usually not that much cheaper, which is to say they can run upwards of a hundred bucks (or, in the case of the exclusive Garden of Sinners set, nearly a thousand). Most of their special edition releases are limited to specialty retailers like RightStuf--you're not likely to find them on Amazon--and also short runs, so when they sell out, they're gone for good.

In contrast to the somewhat elitist physical versions, most Aniplex shows are available streamed from the usual suspects (Hulu and Crunchyroll), in some cases even simulcast with the Japanese broadcast. Others are, instead, available for rent or purchase on the Playstation Network.