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Eastern Star Anime Company

A bit of info about Eastern Star.

Company Overview

Eastern Star is a label of Diskotek Media, a small distributor specializing in cult Asian films. While the company has been around for a while, they're notable for picking up several classic anime movies that had been abandoned by other companies starting around 2010.

Their Catalog

The bulk of their catalog is non-anime, but they have a steadily increasing number of anime cult classics, including Project A-ko, the Fist of the North Star movie and original TV series, the first Lupin III TV series (one of the few anime that's an original license rather than picked up after abandonment by another US company), and a couple of Lupin III movies, plus several other obscure, notably funky titles, like the Space Adventure Cobra film. They also released the little-known live action Lupin III film.

What Their Releases Are Like

Their DVD releases aren't always the fanciest. Their video transfers in particular are sometimes of only modest quality; extras vary from similar extras to the version that the company that previously held the licence had (for better or worse), through significantly improved versions to anything available previously (the Fist of the North Star movie, for example). They haven't gotten involved in Blu-ray or online video as of this writing.