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Image Entertainment Anime Company

A bit of info about Image Entertainment.

Company Overview

Image Entertainment is a large home video and theatrical distributor focusing on a diverse range of smaller-market and special-interest material. They're probably best known for their Criterion Collection line of classic movies on DVD and Blu-ray, but that only represents a small part of their huge catalog.

Anime is only an incidental product for them; when Streamline Pictures shut down they picked up a few of their licenses for a short run of minimalist DVDs. More recently they've been the North American distributor for a few of the DVDs on Bandai's Honneamise label (though not the Honneamise Blu-ray releases, for whatever reason).

Their Catalog

Around the turn of the millenium they did DVD distribution of the Fist of the North Star movie and a few other Streamline licenses that weren't bought by anime companies; currently they're listed as North American distributor on the Gunbuster OAVs and the first two Patlabor movies.

What Their Releases Are Like

Image's Streamline DVDs were about as bare-bones as a DVD could possibly be; they appeared to be taken directly from Streamline's masters, which is to say the video wasn't much to look at, and while they did include the original Japanese audio in addition to Streamline's dubs, they did not include any subtitles at all. They also had no special features, or even a menu. They were also short print runs that were hard to find even when new, and have been all but forgotten since.

The Honneamise-label DVDs that they're distributing are a different matter entirely; expensive, but of extremely high quality and outfitted with plenty of extras.


Other Releases

The company was also involved in some way with releasing these anime, though they're not the primary company.