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Synch-Point Anime Company

A bit of info about Synch-Point.

Company Overview

Synch-Point was a small anime translation division of the slightly larger Broccoli International USA, which was in turn the US-based subsidary of comparatively large Japanese media company Broccoli. During its short life Synch-Point/Broccoli International handled the translation and distribution of a handful of disproportionately well-known titles. The parent company pulled the plug at the end of 2008, ending the anime (and book) licenses associated with it. Funimation has, since, picked up the most famous, FLCL.

They're also credited with the translation of the bonus material on Bandai's Gunbuster DVDs.

Their Catalog

The company's small catalog was squarely centered on the Gainax comedy FLCL. The remainder of their titles were the fan-hook Di Gi Charat, I'm Gonna Be An Angel, Leave it to Piyoko, and Aquarian Age.

What Their Releases Are Like

All of Synch-Point's releases were bilingual DVDs with self-produced English dubs. They were noted (not in a particularly positive way) for releasing FLCL on three rather expensive individual volumes with only two episodes each.