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D7 Studios Anime Company

A bit of info about D7 Studios.

Company Overview

D7 Studios, the project of Arik Renee Avila and Tony Hobdy, is currently the most successful of the non-Japanese indie anime studios. While they were founded to support the duo's first project, D7Peacemaker: Stage 1, they have since produced two other episodes set in the D7 universe and at least one professional commercial spot.

The studio started working in a Flash-based animated-comic format, using pans and bits of animation to simulate motion in a series of still images accompanied by music and voice acting. They have since greatly refined their technique and style to the point where it's much closer to full animation. They also have one live-action project underway, and a video game in the concept stages.

D7 has a lot of things in the pipeline, scattered about their extensive set of websites. Their main project is a series of episodes/movies set in the studio's namesake D7 universe, a sci-fi story set in future Austin, Texas; they have completed the original half-hour Stage 1, and more recently a 7-minute Pilot episode and regular-length Episode 1 of the Revelation part of the story. All three are available for purchase on DVD, and the latter two can also be watched online. Several other features are in planning stages. They also have a trio of fantasy movies called Mekura in planning stages, as well as a number of other standalone shorts or movies.

While D7 has an awful lot of material on deck, they've managed to consistently produce at least one new product every couple of years, and their technique and production quality has steadily improved form one project to the next, so there's a reasonable hope that at least some of their epic plans may see the light of day.

Their Catalog

Currently their catalog consists of three D7 episodes: Stage 1, which was a sort-of-standalone episode that fits elsewhere in the timeline of the story; and two parts of Revelation--the Head of the Dragon pilot short, and Episode 1: Have You Seen Me? They've also finished a regular-length ad for Coke and NASCAR, and the trailer of their live-action movie.

What Their Releases Are Like

In addition to free streaming versions of the two available parts of Revelation on the series website, all three D7 productions are available on DVD. Said DVDs are flashy and of professional quality. Interestingly, the Revelation Pilot was also sold as an inexpensive download package in full 1080p high-def, bypassing the need for a Blu-ray version if you have the right equipment to play it. The first episode (and, presumably, future ones) also claim that they'll be available for higher-than-DVD-quality download, but as yet the downloads are still "coming soon."