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White Radish Anime Company

A bit of info about White Radish.

Company Overview

White Radish is a one-man operation that's been around for a surprisingly long time, producing occasional shorts both original and on commission (in particular, three Drow Tales promo videos). "Shawn the Touched" works exclusively in computerized cel animation using (and sometimes distributed in) Flash, but most of the animation is drawn traditional style, frame-by-frame, so it has the look and feel of old-fashioned anime. A collection of early shorts was released on DVD (we've reviewed it), and newer shorts are available online though the White Radish website. White Radish's style tends to be cute, humorous, and usually with an H overtone.

White Radish's big project for several years has been the adult-oriented OVA series Pink Lemonade, planned to be six episodes long. While none of it has been properly released yet, there is a promo trailer, intro comic, and a periodically-updated production blog.

White Radish may not be the most prolific or flashy of the indie studios, but for a one man operation it is more consistent and long-lived than any other.

Their Catalog

Currently White Radish has produced the shorts The Item, The Apprentice, and The Evil At Tentacle High, available on DVD from them, and Cutethulu and three Drow Tales pieces, available on the web. There are also a few promo clips for Pink Lemonade, but no finished product yet.

White Radish also has a few other products: a couple of CD-ROM collections of "cels"--full-resolution original art of all the images used in the productions--and a pair of doujinshi-style booklets of erotic art. They also distribute an old parody fan-dub remix of Project A-ko called Fast Food Freedom Fighters.

What Their Releases Are Like

Apart from shorts available freely on the web, White Radish has put out two DVDs of collected shorts; an older, relatively minimal one, and a newer one that exchanges The Evil At Tentacle High for Cutethulu and adds a number of more professional special features. Both can currently be bought through their website.

The Item and The Apprentice were each also available on a single VHS tape or together on a VCD, plus the aforementioned CD-ROM art collections.