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Studio ArtFX Anime Company

A bit of info about Studio ArtFX.

Company Overview

Studio ArtFX is the one-man operation of Terrence Walker, a professional 3D animator who took his talents indie. He first made a splash when he released the Understanding Chaos short, a sort of promo for a hypothetical movie that never was. A single full-length episode of the never-completed OAV series Shadowskin was also completed and sold through the website.

Studio ArtFX has since become more of a training operation, selling how-to videos and ebooks on digital 2D and 3D animation techniques, particularly those that relate to anime-style productions. Interestingly, they also offer a set of 3D models for sale, some of which appear to be characters from their finished videos. The website had laid dormant for a while, but as of mid 2009 appears to be active again, with a number of video blog posts and new things appearing.

Their Catalog

Studio ArtFX's completed commercial productions consist of the promo short Understanding Chaos and the OAV Shadowskin, the first episode of a series that didn't see completion. They've also done some commercial work in addition to a number of training videos.

What Their Releases Are Like

Studio ArtFX's two DVDs, both sold through its website, are solid, near-professional productions. Shadowskin features anamorphic widescreen video, and both have a selection of extra features as well. Both were sold on physical DVDs in addition to digital downloads, though neither appears to be available now. Their large selection of training videos are sold as downloads.