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1998 What's New

Dec 27, 1998

There were a few broken links around the site, all of which have hopefully been fixed now. Deepest apologies. There are lots of new links today--check out the series links section. And, we have something special planned for New Year's at AAW--come check it out on the 1st! Also new is the suggestions box (ok, form), above. Finally, if you are getting to AAW through our animeworld.org address, please switch to animeworld.com. In addition to being slightly easier to remember, we have something...interesting planned for animeworld.org. Check back on the 1st of the year to find out!

Dec 25, 1998

No updates today, but wishing you a very Merry Christmas from Akemi's Anime World! We will be back with more updates on the night of the 26th.

Dec 23, 1998

We were having trouble with the submit forms and the counter for the last couple of days due to a change the host made (and neglected to mention to us). Everything should work fine now... We hope. Aside from that, the links section has been updated and reformatted, and lots of new general links have been added.

Dec 22, 1998

New links today for Street Fighter II.

Dec 21, 1998

Small interface tweaks abound today; it should be a little easier to get around the site now. New links for Armitage III and The Wings of Honneamise.

Dec 20, 1998

Note: Earlier today, a the links below weren't working, but they should be fixed now.

New reviews today for A Wind Named Amnesia and Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. Also check out the updated Macross Plus review (now including notes on both the OAVs and the Movie). Tale a peek at the goodies section of that review for a new little feature that will be coming to all the reviews at AAW--you can now add your own two cents to the review! And, new links coming today--a couple of Yuyu Hakusho links, and more coming later.

Dec 18, 1998

A new review and essay today from Kayote. The review is for Poltergeist Report - Yuyu Hakusho, and the essay, AAW's first, is titled Reconciling Anime and Feminism. Check them out.

Dec 13, 1998

Sitll no major updates, but a few interface tweaks (see the bottom of the page), and you should now be able to actually get around AAW pretty well without frames. Also, a new review for Ayane's High Kick, which is also our DVD pick of the week.

Dec 10, 1998

Updates have been and will be sparse, due to (evil music) Finals Week. Normal operation will resume the weekend after next. In the mean time, check out our new format (well, at least that menu on the left is new). With it comes the Anime FAQ and Anime Glossary, as well as hints of the coming essays section.

Nov 30, 1998

It's silly fantasy day at AAW--new reviews and pictures for Ruin Explorers and Bastard!!, plus a few pictures of the Slayers Movie.

Nov 24, 1998

New review today for the Ranma 1/2 Movie 2: Nihao My Concubine, along with info on it's DVD. Also, new reviews from Kayote for the Urusei Yatsura TV Series, as well as the first and second movies.

Nov 20, 1998

New today is the What's New at AAW section that you're reading now. Also new is a review and images for the New Kimagure Orange Road Movie: Summer's Beginning (the week's pick of what's new).