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2000 What's New

Dec 24, 2000

Finals are finally finished... two whole days before Christmas. And on that topic, Merry Christmas! (Or, if you prefer, Kwanza, Chanukah, Startica, or other similar festive occasion.) Past that the only new thing up is another revision of the Wings of Honneamise review and DVD comments (slightly less positive, if you're wondering). Regular updates will resume shortly.

Dec 12, 2000

Sorry that it's been so very, very long since an update, but duty (read: many large papers) calls. Regular updates will resume as soon as time permits (1.7 weeks from today), but in the mean time we have minor updates to several reviews and comments on the Wings of Honneamise DVD added.

Nov 24, 2000

A post Thanksgiving bounty of new links; many added, and a few broken ones cleaned out as pages are reformatted into the new, cleaner design. Also some minor cosmetic and structural work on the site to cut down on the bandwidth use--popularity comes at a price.

Nov 16, 2000

Why the dearth of updates lately? Many papers, and I've actually been watching some anime for a change. As a result, there are five (count 'em) full new reviews: Please Save My Earth, Debutante Detective Corps, The Maze OAVs, Eat Man '98, and an official review of Photon (I couldn't resist). There are a few touch-ups yet to be done, and the comment forms aren't set up yet, but that'll be finished soon.

Nov 05, 2000

There have actually been a steady stream of updates for the last several days as we convert series listed in the Links section to the new format, add new submissions, and clear out or fix old, broken links. About 10 are done now (and none of those should have any non-working links), including about a dozen new sites. And, there is a new reader review of Photon, including notes on the soon-to-be released DVD.

Oct 29, 2000

Well, since it's the end of Daylight Savings Time in the US... no, on second thought, I'll refrain from some bad "fall back" pun. But, to go along with all the new official reviews added yesterday, we have updated reader reviews of Ushio and Tora and Dragon Ball Z TV Series (the latter now includes an absolutely huge review of the DVDs, as well), and a comprehensive new review of the entire Sailor Moon TV series (all of them), courtesy Daniel Capriola.

Oct 28, 2000

Ok, enough of the hiatus, time for some new reviews. We've got new official first looks (haven't seen the whole series yet) of Generator Gawl and Sakura Diaries, and full reviews of The Abashiri Family and the original Record of Lodoss War. A review of the Lodoss TV series is forthcoming, plus several reader review updates.

Oct 23, 2000

Say hello to our slightly new, hopefully improved design. The changes are mostly cosmetic, although we're working on an improved version of the Title and Company indices and a couple of other finishing touches. There may be a few pages that slipped by with the old color scheme--let us know if you find one. Except for the links section, that is--we'll be updating those one at a time and adding new links from the backlog as we go.

Oct 19, 2000

Much stuff should be added over the weekend, but for today just some personal horn-tooting and a big thank you: A couple of hours ago we passed the half a million visitor mark (actually, judging by the logs that number is somewhat low, but the counter does what it can). Thank you to all our loyal readers! For those wondering, those are unique daily visitors to the main (review, that is) pages, and in our slightly less than 2 years in existance, we've so far racked up a bit over 2.9 million page views.

Oct 12, 2000

Oh, happy day, the conversion process is complete (as well as significant updates of several more reviews, Grave of the Fireflies and the Slayers Motion Picture among them). Things will be getting back to normal now. The next significant large scale change in the works is a pan-site cosmetic update (but that's relatively minor in comparison).

Oct 09, 2000

Now cranking away at the remaining comment page conversions with a vengence; finished about 30 of them in the last two days, added around 100 backlogged reader comments to go with those, and tidied up about a half-dozen reviews. Only 25 to go...

Oct 06, 2000

Right back on it with a new review of Princess Rouge.

Oct 05, 2000

Starting to get back into the writing swing; finally did a major overhaul of the Blue Submarine No. 6 review today (to reflect later episodes), but it's still a little rough. Several other, more minor review updates, and a few new reader comments added.

Sep 29, 2000

Fixed a stupid coding error I made on the Dragon Ball Z movie review posted yesterday; the middle should show up properly now.

Sep 28, 2000

New reader review from Legion today for the first Dragon Ball Z Movie, Dead Zone. Also a quick mention of a Slam Dunk Petition that the instigator let us know about; if you're interested in bringing that series to the US, you can let the world know here (will open a new window).

Sep 27, 2000

The conversion process continues at a glacial pace, but at least it includes many small review updates and page fix-ups. But (finally) there's also a new review today of Amazing Nurse Nanako.

Sep 18, 2000

Small update for tonight; several more series transferred to the new system, a few review updates/refinements, a lot of new reader commments added, and some very nice fanart from a new fanartist, Michelle--check her stuff out.

Sep 15, 2000

The lack of major updates recently has been due partly to a new and very ugly work/grad school schedule, and partly to the ongoing and very time consuming upgrade to the new comment system. But, a big chunk of new series moved over today, and I'm taking the opportunity to slightly update/clean up the reviews as I go. Also fixed a few other longstanding assorted glitches around the site (many in the old reader comment forms). And, just as an advance warning, I'm working on a slightly updated layout for the site, to be implemented once the automation process is complete (don't worry, nothing extreme--just a slightly updated color scheme and some new organizational aids).

Sep 11, 2000

Still busy converting to the new automated system, but we've added some new unofficial reviews: a prelimenary look at Trigun (by Legion), the 1st Patlabor Movie (by Arcane), and a review of the obscure English dub of Laputa: Castle in the Sky (also Arcane). Disney has claimed that last one may be on the road to a limited theatrical release befre making it to video.

Sep 07, 2000

As promised (if a few hours slow), a new official review of Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals, and Legion's new review of Key the Metal Idol.

Sep 06, 2000

Not much up yet, but (hopefully) fixed a major link bug in every review that somehow went undetected until now, and added a "Humor" section to the discussion forums--jokes, anybody? Later today are some more new reader reviews, as well as an official review of Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals; in that vein, I'll be writing reviews of both Lodoss Wars series relatively soon. (And a note to unofficial review writers: I've added a list of future offical reviews to the submission form page, to avoid doubling effort).

Sep 01, 2000

Working on those unofficial reviews; added today are: Red Hawk (by Legion), Vision of Escaflowne (by Lime-chan), and Shonan Bakusozoku (by Horsey Horsam), plus a long complementary review of the edited Galaxy Express and review that existed before but wasn't properly linked, of Outlaners (both are also by Horsey Horsam).

Aug 30, 2000

Continuing the switchover to the new comment submission forms, plus a new review (more of a warning, really) of Apocalypse Zero. Also heavily updated the Sol Bianca: The Legacy review to reflect more of the series. And, look for a whole bunch of new reader reviews in the next day or two. (A big thanks to all those who have submitted some, and our apologies that it's taking so long to post them.)

Aug 23, 2000

The ongoing process of converting the reader comments over to the new system continues (about two series a day). Also updated a couple of reviews, including a major rewrite of the Ruin Explorers review (and new DVD comments). Arcane's Evangelion review has also been updated with an additional note and a bit of an apology. Oh, and the discussion forums are up and running, if anybody is interested in... well discussing.

Aug 20, 2000

Updated the company info section, and added a few new companies to it. Deleted the index by format entirely today; it wasn't being updated properly, though it may be reinstated some day if I can get it together (and there's any demand... well?). And, converted a couple more reviews to the new comment system.

Aug 19, 2000

A slight overhaul of the Cowboy Bebop review and a couple of others, but the big news today is that our new, automated comment submission system has been completed. Old comments/reviews will be slowly switched over to it, and it's effects will become progressively more pervasive. In addition to this meaning that any comments you submit will show up instantly and the ability to put in a bit of profile info if you feel like registering (not reqired, though!), this system also means that I'll have more time to write reviews and such. We're also installing a very similar but seperate discussion forum section; the Q and A section has already been moved over, and we'll link the rest soon (feel free to go there now). Now the question is whether anybody actually wants to talk...

Aug 14, 2000

A minor overhaul of the Fushigi Yuugi review (actually posted a few days ago). The big news for the day, though, is that I've been working on a new, fancy, automated comment submission method. The process is slow and time consuming, but you can test out an alpha version via the Cowboy Bebop review. Let us know what you think (and if anybody has a spare licence for Ultimate Bulletin Board laying around...).
Also of note is that we're now also linking to AnimeNation, as well as RightStuf; if you shop at either online store and would like to help support this site, you can get to them through the banners at the bottom of this page, or the text links elsewhere.

Aug 08, 2000

A new review today for Fushigi Yuugi, as well as a couple of new links, and some minor corrections and review updates scattered about.

Jul 30, 2000

Another half dozen links joining us, and a long (and long overdue) new review of Cowboy Bebop. My apologies on the lack of those lately--I've been suffering from an until-recently undiagnosed case of writer's block (oh, and let me know if the symptoms--lack of coherent thought--are sill manifesting in that review).

Jul 29, 2000

Yet more of those links added...

Jul 28, 2000

A few of the many backlogged link submissions have been added; more to follow shortly, and to all those who've submitted links that haven't been added yet, thanks for the patience.

Jul 27, 2000

New today are reader-submitted reviews of Cyber City Oedo 808 and Burn Up W from Arcane, and Legion's long, interesting take on the infamous Pokemon TV Series (yes, Pokemon--read the review, you might find it interesting). It's a start, with more stuff coming tomorrow.

Jul 24, 2000

A long delay between updates (sorry), but I'm getting going again. A few scattered review updates today, with more to follow in a day or two.

Jul 09, 2000

Soon to return from Japan, and in the mean time, several minor additions: A couple of minor updates in the links section (more coming soon), a few minor review updates, an extended rewrite of the Street Fighter II Movie review, a preview review of the X Movie, plus several other preview reviews of unreleased anime (now listed at the bottom of the reviews index), including Nausicaa, Whisper of the Heart, and a Rupan III movie.

Jul 03, 2000

Just a minor update of some new fanart added. There will be some comments on the X movie added soon as well. Also, since the reason I (Makosuke) am in Japan is to marry the site's namesake, Akemi, if you're interested in seeing what we look like (and some really fancy Japanese clothes), have a look at this wedding picture.

Jun 25, 2000

Plenty going on today: Added yet more new reader submitted comments--finally cleared the backlog. In the cast department, finished the English cast and crew for Gestalt and added the same for Garzey's Wing, plus added complete English and Japanese casts for Geobreeders and complete Japanese cast and crew for the Irresponsible Captain Tylor. New for today in the image department are screenshots of Garzey's Wing, Geobreeders, and the Irresponsible Captain Tylor, plus several box art scans for Tylor. Finally, a new review and partial cast of Petshop of Horrors (look for a review of Cowboy Bebop sometime soon). Oh, and added cover shots for the second El Hazard TV Series and Revolutionary Girl Utena, for good measure.

Jun 13, 2000

I (the poor fool who does all the work around this site) am in Japan now, and have a minimum of time or ability to update. I'll do my best, but updates for the next month will be sparse, and anything you submit (reader comments, questions, etc.) may not be posted/answered until the middle of July. Sorry, but it's the best I can offer. Other than that note, not much new today other than a few review repairs, spellchecking, and a couple of the questions in the Q and A answered--thanks for taking your hand at the trivia!

May 30, 2000

Minor cleaning about the site; several reviews slightly updated and/or spellchecked, plus some errors fixed.

May 28, 2000

Several new questions (and an answer or two) added to the Q and A section--try your hand at some challenging trivia! Also new are two very long unnofficial reviews by Legion: Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie and the ever-popular Dragon Ball Z TV Series. Oh, and we fixed some broken links and all the previously unavailable comment submission forms... I hope.

May 25, 2000

More stuff on the way, but today I've slightly updated the review of Perfect Blue and added some translation notes, and mucked around with the monstrosity that is the Irresponsible Captain Tylor review--it'll hopefully be a little more readable now.

May 22, 2000

Home sick with a brutal cold but hard at work... uh, watching anime. Well, anyway, new reviews today for Geobreeders, Devil Man, and, at long last, Perfect Blue. We'll fill in some of the extras on those tomorrow.

May 20, 2000

We're trying a couple of new features today; a guide with some advice on how to build a fansite (people kept asking for the info, so...), and an Anime Q and A; you ask the hard questions, and we (or somebody else) will hopefully answer it--try your hand at either end. I also slightly tweaked the menu at left so it should look a bit better in most browsers.

May 17, 2000

Added about 20 new links--finally cleared out the backlog! Also, a quick announcement: I (that's Makosuke) will be taking another trip to Japan for most of June and half of July, to marry Akemi. I'll do my best to update during that period, but there's only so much I can do away from my computer (and DVD player).

May 16, 2000

Several new links added today, bringing our grand total to over 750 links.

May 15, 2000

Finished up the review of Sol Bianca: The Legacy, as well as finals (four papers on Asian History, anyone?) and my B.A. degree (graduation last weekend).

May 11, 2000

Added a new review of MD Geist II: Death Force, with the dub cast, and also added dub casts for the original MD Geist and Sorcerer Hunters; also added a few new links, and cleaned up a few errors and reviews.

May 04, 2000

New official review of MD Geist (and no, it's not a positive one), and unofficial reviews of Dragoon, Variable Geo, and the Ranma 1/2 TV Series. Soon to come are official reviews of the MD Geist Sequel, Perfect Blue (finally saw it!), the new Sol Bianca series, and more.

May 01, 2000

Today's update has been somewhat delayed by a major hard drive glitch. For now, there's a new set of screen shots for Gestalt, and look for several new reviews in the next day or two.

Apr 23, 2000

Happy Easter! Not a whole lot new this weekend as a result, but we have added another bunch of links, and performed several corrections here and there.

Apr 15, 2000

A selection of new links today (finally), and at long last a new featured site, below (sorry, forgot about that for a while after an abortive attempt a partnership).

Apr 13, 2000

Hard at work writing: Completely rewrote and lengthened the old (short) review of Night Warriors (also added info on the second DVD), and cleaned up the reviews of The Dagger of Kamui and Blue Submarine No. 6.

Apr 10, 2000

A long review of a short video added today for the first volume of Blue Submarine No. 6. Also several minor little touch-ups.

Apr 07, 2000

Many apologies about the missed weekend update--it fell victim to something called a "Physics Senior Seminar" (but if anyone wants a detailed description of Ion Drive...). Regular work will resume promptly. To start with, we have a new review of Power Dolls by Arcane, as well as content guides added to most of his other reviews.

Mar 28, 2000

A delayed and incomplete update, but we'll remedy that soon. For now, we have added official reviews of City Hunter: The Motion Picture, Garzey's Wing, and an unofficial review of Golden Boy by Legion.

Mar 18, 2000

A new review today for A Chinese Ghost Story as well as several new links (we're busy adding the large backlog of submissions), and several other touch-ups, including an update to Arcane's Guyver review (sorry about the delay Arcane!).

Mar 16, 2000

Oops. That took a little longer than expected, but we have for today new reader reviews of:
Legend of Crystania
Megazone 23
Ushio and Tora
Odin: Photon Space Sailor Starlight
Castle of Cagliostro
Blue Seed
We haven't hooked up the comment submissions for any of those series yet, but that will come soon... and by the way, if you've submitted reader comments or sites to link to us, we've been a little overwhelmed, so it is taking a while to get to... please be patient!

Mar 13, 2000

Rewrote the Kiki's Delivery Service review today, and will be adding more stuff tonight.

Mar 05, 2000

Some assorted repairs, and a bit of a celebration: Since March 1st of last year, the site as a whole has registered 200,000 hits as of today. Thank you, all our visitors! New for today is a review of an old flick, Art of Fighting, and a newer series, El Hazard: The Alternative World.

Feb 27, 2000

Several small touch ups, and about a half dozen new links added today. We've also updated our suggestion form into a full-fledged Contact Form, and added a link to in in the menu bar.

Feb 25, 2000

Well, a small setback (called the Graduate Writing Proficency Exam) delayed our update, but there's now a new review of Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture. Also new are reader submitted reviews of Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle, M.D. Geist, the Guyver series, Adeu Galaxy Express 999, The Judge, and the ever popular Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Feb 23, 2000

A little slow getting it put together, but look for a review of the Fatal Fury movie, a few new unoficial reviews, and some new links tonight.

Feb 22, 2000

Links, links, links... we've been adding links here and there over the past few days, but Kayote has been hard at work bringing you three dozen new links for perusal. Also new is a review of Gestalt, and several odds and ends have been repaired around the site.

Feb 16, 2000

Back online, and new for today is the first set of reader submitted reviews (took us a little while to get the formatting worked out). We have reviews for Giant Robo, Ellcia, Galaxy Express 999, and SDF Macross: Clash of the Bionoids. Keep 'em coming! (oh, and we've updated the submission form to include some extra info and half-point ratings). Also added today are a couple of new links and an introduction to our honorable linkhunter Kayote.

Feb 14, 2000

Well, a storm and it's aftermath have knocked out the power at AAW's "home base", and knocked that update back a couple of days. It'll be up as soon as the electrons start hitting the circuit board...

Feb 12, 2000

A few minor updates scattered about, but there's a bunch of new stuff on the way later this weekend.

Feb 05, 2000

A couple of new things today: a new review of Mighty Space Miners. And, we're trying a new feature... you can now submit your own reviews for series that we haven't covered "officially" here. If you'd like to try, check ou the form.

Feb 01, 2000

Ok, it took a while to finish, but I've finally wrapped up my rundown on my trip to Japan--it's long, but I didn't leave much out. Also, the Macross Plus review has been cleaned up and fleshed out.

Jan 29, 2000

Several new links today, and more to come late at night.

Jan 23, 2000

Rewritten and expanded reviews of Princess Mononoke (finally came to a local theatre so I could watch the dub) and The Wings of Honneamise. Also added the dub cast/crew and lots of screen shots of Master of Mosquiton.

Jan 21, 2000

Back from Japan and had a great time; I'll probably write up a short description of the trip if anyone's interested. No major updates today, but we have finally added the cast to the Green Legend Ran review, and are beginning to get through the mighty pile of e-mail that came in over the past couple of weeks.

Jan 05, 2000

Another pile of new links added, and I've just about worked through the holiday e-mail backlog... just in time to let it pile up while I'm in Japan. Feel free to write, submit your sites, or submit your comments, but any updates to the site are unlikely before Jan 20th. We'll try to make it up after the hiatus, and I'm saving a couple of new features until then.

Jan 03, 2000

Hello, and happy new year/century/millenium! New for today is about 15 new links (we're getting through the backlog), and a new review of Master of Mosquiton. As the first of our new year's rennovations, we're going to try and start a fanart section, but only if people have something they want to share with the world. If you've got something you'd like to see there, let us know! Finally, please note that Makosuke (the one who writes everything) will be taking a trip to Japan from the 6th to see Akemi. You can write to us in the interim, but don't expect a response until the latter half of January. Regular updates should resume around the 20th, and I'll start on the mail backlog then.