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2010 What's New

Dec. 7, 2010

New review by Chainclaw of the older classic remake Casshan: Robot Hunter and from Legion on the newer, thoroughly-unusal Ghost Hound. More new reviews are on deck for later.

Nov. 15, 2010

Three new reviews for the day, by three different people: Chainclaw raves about another Lupin III film, Dead or Alive, Marc has some unexpectedly kind things to say about the Kanokon OVAs, and Legion was disappointed by Air.

Yes, you read that right--Matt "Legion" McClellan, one of our first additional reviewers, is back after a six-year hiatus. Welcome back! More reviews from all three of the above are on deck.

Oct. 30, 2010

Updates are still being held back as a result of family health issues, but we're trying to catch up. Today we have a lengthy analysis of the unexpectedly good Toradora! by Marc and a review of the classic Lupin III: The Fuma Conspiracy by Chainclaw.

We also have a very belated announcement (held up by those same health issues) of our Make Us Look Bad FIWAJC! winners: Chris Hooper, for finding the "best" mistake (a millenium-old error repeated in our Trigun review), Jon Perry, for finding a whopping 53 errors (among which was misspelling the word "embarrassing" in the definition of the word embarrassing, runner-up best mistake), and Lizzie Coster, who got randomly selected among remaining entries by the gremlins in the computer. Congratulations!

...sort of. See, the delay is in part because we haven't yet been able to get ahold of two of them (I have a feeling it's because of all the "You've won a million dollars and a trip to the moon!" spam). So, if you are Lizzie Coster or Jon Perry (or know one of them), please get ahold of us so you can tell us what prize you want and where to send it!

Finally, happy Halloween!

Oct. 3, 2010

Some personal health issues have held up reviews for a while, but we'll start clearing the backlog with reviews of all three Crusher Joe outings, by Chainclaw: The Movie, The Ice Prison, and The Ultimate Weapon: ASH.

Sept. 10, 2010

Today we welcome the first of two new official reviewers, longtime contributor and fantasy expert Corey "Chainclaw" Suydam, with three new reviews and more to follow: Azumanga Daioh, Lupin III: Missed By A Dollar, and Rurouni Kenshin: The Motion Picture, plus a second opinion on Rune Soldier Louie.

Aug. 24, 2010

New review of the almost-great Persona: Trinity Soul.

Jul. 20, 2010

New review of the fantastic mixed-genre show Baccano!

Jul. 11, 2010

Unnecessarily long review of the abominable Rescue Me: Mave-Chan.

Jul. 08, 2010

Resuming our slog through a considerable backlog of reader reviews with M Man's take on the classic Nadia: Secret of Blue Water.

Jul. 04, 2010

A Happy Independence Day to those in the USA, and a new review of the arty comedy Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

Jun. 27, 2010

New review for the weekend, the disturbingly funny Magical Witch Punie-chan.

Jun. 22, 2010

Our all-new, drastically improved look goes live right now. A blog post with details will follow shortly, and our apologies for all the glitches as we make sure everything is working. Highlights of the re-launch include all-new company profiles, some AAW History, hundreds of small tweaks, dozens of updated reviews, a new review of the sleazy Kanokon and a mostly-new review of the wonderful Whisper of the Heart. More additions to be announced later.

Feb. 11, 2010

In advance of next month's DVD/Blu-ray release, a hefty review of Miyazaki's latest, Ponyo.