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2008 What's New

Aug 16, 2008

New reviews! First another unexpectedly good Geneon comedy, Dokkoida?!. Second the obscure action-western Early Reins.

And third, our first two reviews to include Blu-ray info: Yukikaze and SOS Tokyo Metro Explorers: The Next. We figured that, since the silly next-gen format wars finally ended it was time to get on the boat, in particular reviews of the ridiculously expensive not-quite-imports from Bandai's Honneamise label, like these two, to help you decide if it's really worth quadruple the price of the DVD for a high def version.

More stuff and reader reviews to follow in the near future.

June 05, 2008

New review today of one of the funniest things the editorial "we" have seen recently, Daphne in the Brilliant Blue. The review actually isn't quite done, but it turns out RightStuf is running a clearance sale on a bunch of Geneon DVDs, among which is Daphne for a paltry $5 a disc, so we wanted to spread the word while the gettin's cheap.

Also at work on plenty of other stuff, but we'll wait until it's more finished to talk it up.

Jan. 01, 2008

Happy new year! Still alive and kicking. Akemi is currently in Japan and not blogging from there.