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2001 What's New

Nov 23, 2001

A second-draft rewrite of Silent Mobius: The Motion Picture to better reflect the dub.

Nov 22, 2001

Happy Thanksgiving to all our US readers, and to those who don't celebrate any holidays around now, have a great day and maybe take a moment to be thankful for what you have anyway.

Nov 21, 2001

A new first-draft review of another very old (but very good) movie, They Were 11.

Nov 19, 2001

It's been out of print for years, but a new review of and lots of notes on Silent Mobius: The Motion Picture as well as a filled out rewrite of the Sakura Diaries review.

Nov 15, 2001

Many assorted minor updates, a complete (massive) new cast list for 3X3 Eyes, and a full new review of Project A-ko 2.

Nov 09, 2001

Just past midnight and time for a great new review of a great old series: Slayers Next, courtesy Arcane.

Nov 03, 2001

More new stuff (scary, isn't it?): a review of Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventures.

Nov 01, 2001

A completely rewritten review of Bastard!!, and a new reader review by Animonster of Wrath of the Ninja, as well as updates elsewhere.

Oct 30, 2001

New review by Makosuke of Amon Saga and updates to the Kimagure Orange Road reviews to start off the day, with more new reviews to follow this evening.

Oct 14, 2001

After literally weeks of work, here is the hefty first-draft review of the hard-to-write-about (for Makosuke, anyway) Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl. Now that this chunk of writer's block is out of the way, look for more reviews shortly.

Oct 11, 2001

To start today off is a new review by Legion of Blood: The Last Vampire.

Oct 08, 2001

New for today is a new (and, as far as I can find, unique to the web) translation by Akemi of "Future Shock", end theme from Birdy the Mighty (along with a re-checked transcription of the Japanese lyrics--this was a tough one to figure out!).

Sep 14, 2001

We join with sites across the Web in expressing our sympathy for victims of the recent terrorist attacks, their friends and families, and indeed the entire human race.

I would also like to add an additional comment. Despite its apparent national tie, anime is as international a hobby as almost any I can think of. For this reason, let us also remember that irrational intolerance is both a root of terrorism and, even in its mildest forms, an affront against humanity. Whatever country we live in, let us remember that we are all human beings, and may we not let our acceptance of other cultures and races and our very humanity become another victim of this tragedy.

In lighter news, the refurbishment continues, with several new quick takes, updates to eight reviews, including DVD notes and significant updates to the Shinesman review.

Sep 04, 2001

The updates continue. New today is a reader review by Zenithfleet of Miyazaki's newest and final movie (just recently released in Japanese theaters) Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi. There's also a reader take by the M-Man on Otomo's Memories series. And, finally, Legion's take on BioHunter. There are also several other minor updates elsewhere; a couple of new quick looks, a few new takes in the preview department by Arcane, and some updates to the review of Dragon Half (also progress being made on the new indexing system).

Aug 27, 2001

Thought we were dead, didn't you? Just a summer hiatus, and the beginning of a minor structural change with the way things are indexed, plus some new features.

To start with, we've got new (though first-draft) official reviews by Makosuke of Iczelion and Hermes.

Next, we'd like to welcome Legion and Arcane to the ranks of our Official Reviewers. Their past reviews will be re-organized eventually, and you can (of course) expect to see more from them. To greet himself, Arcane has completed three fine new reviews: The Irresponsible Captain Tylor OAVs, Demon City Shinjuku, and the classic Lensman.

Finally, you might notice that there is a minor change in the way that the company index is linked; this switch will be finished shortly, and should make it easier to accomodate multiple reviews and more information. This also will accomodate our new "quick takes" feature--one-paragraph lowdowns (by Makosuke) to cover series that I haven't seen all of or haven't had time to finish a full review of. A few are already up, and more will follow shortly.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, there are also several minor rewrites of older reviews (most notably Photon), and you can expect to see a few more reader reviews shortly, plus an official review of Jubei-chan that I'm putting the finishing touches on.

Jul 10, 2001

A somewhat revised version of the Tenamonya Voyagers review, plus complete cast and crew for that series added today.

Jul 04, 2001

Finally, the review of 3X3 Eyes is finished. Also, happy Independance Day to our US readers.

Jul 03, 2001

A new reader review of Phantom Quest Corp by Legion... and yes, that 3X3 Eyes will be up tomorrow. Also a partial re-write of the Record of Lodoss Wars review.

Jun 18, 2001

A new reader review of Porco Rosso by Arcane, and a review of 3X3 Eyes on the way soon.

May 29, 2001

Three new reader reviews coming your way today: A huge one by Legion of Shamanic Princess, one by Arcane on Shriow's classic, Appleseed, and a preview of the not-yet-available Vandread by Patrick McRodjito. Also some clean up work on the last update's Tenamonya Voyagers review.

May 07, 2001

Well, it took longer than expected, but the first (long) revision of the Tenamonya Voyagers review is up.

Apr 29, 2001

The transcription of the Gunbuster opening theme has been revised to make it more accurate (thanks to Kazunari for catching some errors), and we've re-translated the English version to make it much, much more accurate. A review of Tenamonya Voyagers will be showing up later today, as well.

Apr 23, 2001

Several assorted bits of updated information, and many new additions to the fanart section, with more to follow shortly (thanks to all who've submitted art, and sorry that it's taken so long to find its way to the web). Also an advanced warning: Both the screencap section and the reader comments will be going down for restructuring in the very near future; they will return, but I can't say for sure when.

Apr 07, 2001

More new/improved links.

Apr 01, 2001

Some cleaning, updates, and additional info added to the Blue Submarine No. 6 review, a couple of other minor review updates, and more work in the links section.

Mar 31, 2001

A bit more link updating, at long last fixed a small omission in the Haunted Junction opening theme, and added some notes about the new Irresponsible Captain Tylor DVD set, released a couple of weeks ago.

Mar 29, 2001

Today we resume work on refurbishing the links section. A handful of new links and some non-functional ones cleared out as a result. Also, we're starting a relatively minor overhaul of the automated review submission section to make it speedier and more efficent.

Mar 28, 2001

At long last, an update: Two long overdue reviews by Arcane, of The Adventures of Kotetsu and the 2nd Patlabor Movie, and Legion's review of Sin: The Movie. Also, a major update to Legion's massive Dragon Ball Z review, including all new, absolutely exhaustive reviews of both epochs of the DVDs.

Mar 09, 2001

The time has finally come, and the message boards are back up. Ok, with one caveat: This is pretty serious software, so we're still in the process of making sure everything works and finalizing the look/feel/settings of what you'll see. Please come, join, and discuss, but be warned that there may be some (hopefully minor) cosmetic and functional changes over the next week or two. Also be sure to report any weird things you notice!

Mar 07, 2001

We finally seem to have the weird domain problems worked out. If you have any trouble accessing the site, please let us know (although if you do have trouble it's possible it's related to an old version of the page in your web browser's cache--we had this problem show up ourselves). Not much new for today other than some minor corrections and a couple of new/updated links, but we should have more stuff coming soon... and if all goes as planned, the new forums should be up and functioning by Friday. Keep your fingers crossed, and I hope our loyal posters will be willing to come back and try again.

Mar 05, 2001

Ack! Our host has switched AAW over to a new system that will allow us to do some cool new stuff, but unfortunately it's also screwed up our domain. We had a major down period during the day today, and everything is still not back to normal--although you can access AAW through "www.animeworld.com", just "animeworld.com" doesn't work right now... which it very much should. We'll get everything fixed as soon as possible, but I don't know when that will be. It's also possible that any e-mail you send to us will not be recieved; we can't be sure yet, but we're working on a fix. Please re-send your message if you don't hear from us after a couple of days. Sorry, but please bear with us!

Mar 04, 2001

Our host has been taking it's sweet time in doing a software upgrade, so the new BB has been a bit long in the making, but it should be up (no promises) in a day or two. Also, those now even longer overdue reader reviews are on the way...

Feb 14, 2001

10 second rundown: After much waiting, finally have computer, Internet connection, and a very small amount of time. The forums are a mess, updates have been glacial, and I haven't responded to any e-mail in quite some time. But no mor apologizing; I've found what should be some better bulletin board software (Yabb), and I am taking the current forums down to install it promptly. Expect everything to be back up in a few days, and hopefully proper moderation and better software will keep things clean and prevent unfriendly people from raining on the proverbial parade. Oh, and Happy Valentines' Day!

Jan 22, 2001

Ugh... back from Japan and happy to have survived 20-some hours in the air and a flight cancelled on account of "a crack in the plane" (hey, three tasty meals and a free night in a $200 Tokyo hotel is ok with me). Trying to survive without a computer for now (oh, the pain, the pain...), but at least a small update consisting of a new review of II: Prologue, and some DVD comments for Princess Mononoke. I believe I've also got a plan for the forums, which will be announced once everything is settled. In addition, there are several unofficial reviews on the way submitted over the past few weeks (sorry for the delay to those who submitted reviews).

Jan 08, 2001

Happy 2001! Despite indications from 70s sci-fi to the contrary, the world has not become a featureless white expanse with many sterile-looking egg-shaped chairs, but it's certainly a different place. As for updates... hoo-kay so things have been a little slower to get together than I expected. I was planning a proper and long overdue update tonight, but in my absence the forums have gotten a little hairy so instead the only announcement for tonight is that things are a little more under control. I'm working on a more organized permenant plan to keep things clean, and I'll announce it once things are more stable.

I assume nobody cares, but here's my sob story excuse for the lack of updates in the past four weeks: Grad school finals, Christmas, moving into a new apartment, New Year, more moving (anime first, furniture later), getting new computer, flying to Japan to bring my wife (Akemi) back after nearly two years apart. On that last note, I will be leaving for the land of giant robotic warriors and small robotic dogs in about 3 hours and won't be back for a week and a half, but there will be at least some updates during that time, and I'll get things back into full swing on my return if I have to hire somebody else to go to school for me.