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2005 What's New

Dec 27, 2005

The new year fast approaches. Hopefully the planned update will be ready for prime time come 1/1. Today a new review of the sci-fi series Planetes from the M Man, as well as a much improved (and 1300-word-shorter) review of the original Jubei-Chan series in preparation for a review of the sequel.

Dec 21, 2005

Scant, late update on account of illness. A review of a live-action film that may be of interest to Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell 1 and 2) fans, an early effort of his as both writer and director: Talking Head. Also, a heavily re-written (and improved) review of Gainax's Evangelion prototype Gunbuster.

Dec 13, 2005

An interesting reader review today from Aido Potato (submitted quite some time ago--we're getting ever further back in time if you submitted something a long while ago) of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, as well as a quick new review of Gundam F91 from The M Man.

Dec 05, 2005

New review today of Geobreeders: Breakthrough, as well as a pretty thorough re-write of our coverage of the original. Of more interest, reader Nat discusses the gem Tokyo Godfathers, easily one of the best films I've seen in years.

Nov 28, 2005

Another review from The M Man, this time of the racing show Initial D. Also on tap is a heavily updated official review of Gokudo and a new 2nd opinion of Golden Boy from Lacker.

Nov 21, 2005

Today is a re-review day; Animagess adds an entirely different (and entirely interesting) alternate opinion of The Big O II, and I'll mention the particularly heavy re-writes of the Perfect Blue and K.O. Beast reviews. Finally, an all-new review of the sleazy Go Nagai comedy Kekko Kamen, finally out on DVD.

Nov 14, 2005

New review of New Dominion Tank Police from Chainclaw (we're working our way backward through the backlog), as well as a half-dozen updated older reviews.

Nov 09, 2005

Late a day on account of continuing illness, but a new reader review today of Gundam SEED from Wolfwood. Also, the first new Japanese lesson in a very long while, covering existence.

Oct 31, 2005

A belated Halloween, and a new reader review of Getter Robo: Armageddon courtesy M-Man; nothing else on account of a week of severe illness for the one-man editorial staff.

Oct 24, 2005

Another long review, this time of Escaflowne: The Movie. New Japanese lesson will be up very shortly, delayed by my inability to think up good examples.

Oct 17, 2005

Up today is a good, if rather long, review of Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence.

Oct 10, 2005

Still warming up. New today is a review of Weathering Continent. New Japanese lessons will resume shortly, with some improvements to follow a little later.

Oct 03, 2005

Weekly updates, something new every Monday, resume as of now. New look will go live Jan 1, 2006, our 7th anniversary.

As a warm up, new today is a full review of Full Metal Panic, as well as the sequel, Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu

May 11, 2005

First update in a while. Actually, about 30 older reviews have been heavily revised over the past couple of months--new info added, too-long reviews pared down, too-short reviews beefed up, and writing generally improved. This process will continue until all the old reviews look new again, so to speak.

That said, to get things started today: a long review of Howl's Moving Castle by Makosuke, another weighty review of the dirty series Iketeru Futari by Arcane, and Elfen Lied, by Dratier--the first of many reader reviews to come (there's a long backlog).

On a side note, a very belated happy Mother's Day to both those mothers who are anime fans and those who put up with them.